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I’ve been away.

Not my fault.

Think my typist broke a nail.

Here I am feeling blue. They wouldn’t take me in the store with them.

Stupid rule.

Armstrong discussion



Déja View

Hey, isn’t this the same place we looked at last week?


Hangin’ Around

You know, when half your family goes away for a week and leaves you behind there’s not much you can do but hang around. Of course, when they come back smelling of other dogs, it makes you wonder… 

Thank You

Hey, look what I got in the ‘mail’ today! 

Thank you all for following me and my puppy adventures. 

You keep my eyes brown and my tail wagging.


Walkies are interesting at this time of year. The dark comes early. The shadows are long, and they move all the time. And there are strange noises – like just now. 

Hey, what was that?



Are we there yet?

Sometimes there’s just nothing to do but wait. 




Yes, I have a voice, but does that mean I have to use it all the time?