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Please be seated

I’ve got my own chair for car shows. Now, if I could only get them to release me from the tether.




Every young life is forged in the hot ovens of experience.


I was little then. My political views weren’t yet formed.

Life-Long Friend

Apparently my Doodle has been with me for quite some time. He just looks after me, and that makes me happy.

Do you have a Doodle? Send a photograph of yourself to my dad at jamacphotos(at)gmail.com and he’ll reveal your doodle if you have one. I feel very happy to have a Doodle of my own.

I’ve Got…

…good Gramma.

Back Yard Moment

So this is my good side?


I’ve been away.

Not my fault.

Think my typist broke a nail.

Here I am feeling blue. They wouldn’t take me in the store with them.

Stupid rule.

Armstrong discussion