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Holy Doodle

I think he looks like a dog. Do you? What do you think?


More Hairy

I’ll bet if you brushed these puppies like I get brushed you could make a pillow a week!

Sunny Day

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and soak up some rays.

Did you hear something?

You know those moments when you think you see or hear something, but you can’t quite figure it out? I used to wonder what that was, but now I’m pretty sure it’s my Doodle.

Life-Long Friend

Apparently my Doodle has been with me for quite some time. He just looks after me, and that makes me happy.

Do you have a Doodle? Send a photograph of yourself to my dad at jamacphotos(at) and he’ll reveal your doodle if you have one. I feel very happy to have a Doodle of my own.

My Dad Sees Doodles

My dad bumped his head recently on a kitchen cabinet, and ever since then he can see Doodles everywhere. Doodles are good to have – they stick with us and look after us – as long as we look after ourselves, anyway.

He found my Doodle, right behind me.

If you send a picture of yourself to jamacphotos(at) he’ll see if you’ve got one too. He can’t get you a Doodle, but if you’ve got one already, he’ll see it.

When I was a boy…

When I was little I had an over-inflated fashion sense.