It’s not easy being a pup in the modern world. There are challenges every day – more challenges today, I fear, than ever before.

Oh sure, in the olden days pups like me had to learn the usual things too – the poops and peeps things – sit, heel, stay. But they had more time to do it in, and they lived with people who were more understanding and patient than they are now. I mean, think about it: people today expect things to just be, or at the very least they don’t expect to have to wait very long for them to be. Jay calls this the ‘add-water’ phenomenon – ‘batteries included’, ‘no assembly required’.

So I’m going to take you along with me now as I grow up, and then as I head into my adult years. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Allow me to introduce myself:!My name is Rusty, and I’m happy to be here!

I am Rusty


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