I’ve been away.

Not my fault.

Think my typist broke a nail.

Here I am feeling blue. They wouldn’t take me in the store with them.

Stupid rule.

Armstrong discussion



About JAMACphotography

As a photographer I am entirely self-taught, but that doesn't limit me in any way. I am adventuresome, and I love to hunt down situations and environments which are unique, and which allow for uncommon interpretations of the mundane. By using different kinds of lighting, and by working my Nikon DSLR hard, I can provide you, your children, and your pets with portraits which are either ordinary or extraordinary, according to your needs. I can also provide corporations with scene photos, from simple real estate, to planning and environment studies, to records of accidents and damage. As a start-up in the Calgary area I am able to provide you with quality, responsiveness, and discretion in your photographic needs. My rates are very competitive, and I am mobile, needing only a small space and a power supply to set up my portable studio. Please contact me if you have any questions, or to make an appointment. View all posts by JAMACphotography

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