Herewith and heretofore are seven words with which I would improve the world.

Eat. The words ‘you want something to eat?’ are the sweetest ever to pass by, near, or through my ears. The answer, as a matter of pupponal survival, is always yes. Call it self-interest, call me a capitalist, I don’t care.

Treat. As above, treats are an essential part of the puppy mantra. Treat = good boy = happy puppy = confident in myself. Reassurance is key. Treats feed the truths of reassurance. 

Walkies. There’s so much tied into this one. Relief, contentment, territory, social opportunism: walkies is where I restore my internal balance and, oh yes,  it’s my chance to leave my graffiti. 

Back-door (that’s hyphenated, so it’s just one word). See Walkies above. The back door (in our house at least) is where the adventures begin. When I hear the words ‘back door’, I hie me thence and prepare for deliverance.

Stuffies. My buddies. They’re cool. They let me run around with them in my mouth, thrash them back and forth, and play tug-o-war with the tall ones. They let me use them as pillows, and they’ve even been known to protect me on occasion. In short, they’re friends – they’re there for me. One just cannot live without stuffies.

Hugs. Who doesn’t love a good hug? And a back scratch. And a head rub. And ooh, yes, right there at the root of my tail, at the bottom of my back. Oooooh. Hugs are contact. Hugs are reassurance. Hugs are love. And what’s more important than that?

And Car-ride (also hyphenated). Car rides, long or short, are about inclusivity. To be brought along and included instead of just being left at home, that’s everything for me. Sometimes they want to put me in my ‘house’ but instead of going there I go and sit by the back door. Bottom line? I just want to be included. When I’m included I know I’m loved. 



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