I knows what I wants and I really really wants it!

Would you hurry up already? It’s right over here. If you don’t hurry, I’m gonna miss it!!!

Omigosh this is soooo much work. Come on already, let’s get going. Let’s hurry up and get there!!!

Nearly there. Come on (pant-pant), we gotta get there. You’re gonna love it – I promise. Well, I am.

Hmmmm, that lady looks nice, but not now. I’ve got more important things on my mind just at the moment. 

Nearly there. Come on, don’t give up now. We’re soooooo close!!!

Ok, now that’s what I’m talkin’ about…   Furry, brown, four-legged fun. Another friend for me – you know, you just can’t have too many friends in life.

“Hi there! Wanna play? Wanna sniff? Wanna run around like a looney and get tangled up an’ stuff?”

“Hey wait, you’re not wearing one of these rope thingies. How come? What’s the deal with that? Hey, can I whisper something in your ear?”

Come on, don’t get scared. This is what dogs do.”

“Hey, where ya goin’? Is it somethin’ I said? Huh? Huh? Huh? Aw shucks! Ok then, bye!”


About James McDonall

I believe in laughing, especially at yourself, and as often possible. I believe in "live and let live". I believe that communication is the foundation of all our solutions. I believe that listening is more important than speaking, and that speaking should always serve the cause of listening. View all posts by James McDonall

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