I Believe

I believe in kibble and its crunchy goodness.

I believe in the healing power of good licks.

I believe in the joy of walkies. 

I believe in chasing rabbits. 

I believe in treats and dreams, and in positive reinforcement.

I believe in tolerance, understanding and patience.

I believe in letting them hug me when they need to. 

I believe in trying my hardest to be a good boy.

I believe in begging for table scraps (not that they ever give me much).

I believe in believing.

Oh yes, I believe. 

Special Moments


About James McDonall

I believe in laughing, especially at yourself, and as often possible. I believe in "live and let live". I believe that communication is the foundation of all our solutions. I believe that listening is more important than speaking, and that speaking should serve the cause of listening. If you like my writing, I'm available for hire. Please send me an Email to discuss your project. View all posts by James McDonall

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