TV Time

I saw these guys sitting on the coffee table, watching TV, so I got up on the table, mosied on over, and introduced myself. 

“Hi, what you watching?”

“Oh, nothing much. Commercials right now. We don’t have a remote.”

“Why not?”

“No thumbs.”

“Oh, right. Me too. Hard to press the buttons with my dew claw.”


“So, can I sit with you guys?”

“Sure, but later tonight you gotta bring us popcorn.”

“I’ll beg two pieces and bring you one.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Ok then. Anything good on?”


“So why watch?”

“Honestly? I’m not really sure.”


About James McDonall

I believe in laughing, especially at yourself, and as often possible. I believe in "live and let live". I believe that communication is the foundation of all our solutions. I believe that listening is more important than speaking, and that speaking should always serve the cause of listening. View all posts by James McDonall

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