Sleeping dog

This is been a momentous week.

It all started with the Monday skulduggery (see Aw Nuts!). Monday night, after I had basically woken up from whatever had been making me so sleepy, Jay came to something of a conclusion that has changed my life.

“He can’t sleep in his kennel tonight,” he said, “he’ll never fit in there with his collar on.”

He was talking about the enormous satellite dish the doctor had put around my neck apparently to keep me away from string they’d sewn in an unmentionable location (my nether regions).

Later on that evening, when Jay had exasperatedly taken the collar off, he said: “He’ll probably lick the sutures all night if he’s in the kennel by himself.” And with that it was decided. I would be spending my first night ever, sleeping on a bed instead of in my kennel.

At bedtime I was still a little groggy, but it cannot be argued: the mattress thingy is much softer than the towels in my kennel.

I liked it. I picked a spot right in front of Jay’s pillow and plopped myself down, rolling into a satisfied little ball and settling in. I was just about to wonder where Jay was planning to sleep when he came back, sat down right next to me, and said “Move over, kiddo”. I guess I had my answer: I was right where he needed to be. A coincidental pang of hunger relating to my not having eaten in over 24 hours led me to get up right away. It looked like i was doing just as Jay asked, but really I was checking to see if there was any way for me to get at the food in my kennel.

There wasn’t. I looked, but it was too far down from the bed, and besides, it was empty. I grumped a bit, found another spot near what Jay calls the headboard, and lay down again.

Ignominy of ignominies! Em came in then and tied one end of a piece of twine to my collar and the other to Jay’s wrist.

“This is good,” Jay said to Em. “If he tries to go anywhere, I’ll know about it.”

What’s this? I thought. You don’t trust me?

“It’s not that we don’t trust you,” returned Em, looking right at me. “It’s just that we don’t trust you.”

I was tired, so I didn’t argue the point. I just closed my eyes, thought of my poor, angry stomach, and tried to go to sleep.

My first night on a mattress was rough, though that wasn’t the mattress’s fault. Now I’ve had five nights there, without the twine, and I’m really starting to like it.

I have a sense that it’s something I’m earning as I go along – I hope I don’t do anything to screw it up. Of course, it’s so tempting to go and explore in the house while everyone is asleep – to have a good look around on my terms – but so far I’ve managed to resist that temptation.

Why do I feel like my world is expanding?




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