The peeps thing

I’ve figured out the peeps thing, and it’s actually quite simple: Sit on his face. When it’s time to go, just run up to him, climb up on the coffee table he calls his ‘paunch’, and sit on his face. If the need is really bad, pant a little too. This will work 100% of the time, guaranteed, and it’ll work even faster if I position my tuckus so as to block his view of the goggle box.

That’s what we need, isn’t it – guarantees? I for one don’t need them guessing about what seems so basic to me. If I have a need – like peeps – and my signals are being ignored, then I’m going to do what I have to to be noticed.

It’s so hard to train people nowadays. I don’t think they make ’em like they used to.




About James McDonall

I believe in laughing, especially at yourself, and as often possible. I believe in "live and let live". I believe that communication is the foundation of all our solutions. I believe that listening is more important than speaking, and that speaking should serve the cause of listening. If you like my writing, I'm available for hire. Please send me an Email to discuss your project. View all posts by James McDonall

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