The Do

Today was the big day. It was booked about two weeks ago, and today it finally arrived: haircut day – but more than that: my day at the “spaw”.

I’ve actually been looking forward to it for quite a while. My glowing, flowing locks have – essentially – taken over in the last while; it’s been hard to see what I’m doing, and hearing has been interesting too. And frankly, and let’s be blunt here, my ablutions were about to become a concern too when this day began – as the hair built up, well – well, you just don’t want to know.


So today was the big day, and I had a great time. Lindsey looked after me – at Mucky Pups. She was nice. She put me up on a table, like Dr Stitt at the vet’s, and strapped me in to a harness so she could work on me with both hands. I wriggled, of course I did – it’s my job.

It started with a wash. This was nice – lots of soapy bubbles all over the place – and lots of kind words from Lindsey. After that there was the blow dry thingy – Jay does the same thing at home, but this was nicer. Then a whole bunch of my hair was removed, with clippers and scissors, and in no time at all I felt almost completely naked. I was so skinny-looking, but it felt good, and it still does.

Then Lindsey worked on my claws, and on the hair between my toes (that tickled!), and on my ears and pate. I don’t have any photos yet – Jay got the before pictures yesterday, but hasn’t taken any afters yet – he says that will likely happen tomorrow. I don’t know what the delay is – you just can’t get good help these days.



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