July 9th was a momentous day: it’s the day I was finally green-lighted for full contact with the human and the doggy races. You see, Jay, Em and Dee took me to see a man they call a “veterinarian” (I think that means he’s really old, or something).

The vet is a very nice man named Stitt who has been looking after little fellers like me for a very long time. Apparently he’s semi-retired even now, but he’s going to look after me anyway. I can vaguely remember being there before – before I even knew Em or Jay. I think we took a field trip from the farm when I was quite small – I seem to remember that everyone wanted to pet us.

It was interesting to say the least. The place smelled familiar to me, and I could remember the high metal tables in the interview rooms. There were a couple of ladies behind a very large counter – shuffling papers, filling in forms and making phone calls. One of them weighed me and I came in at 7.01lb, which is apparently a pound and a half more than when Jay weighed me a couple of weeks ago. Jay said something about my being full of ship – I don’t know, you ask him. The same lady took my photo “for the file”, and then they called me into the interview room.

Oh yes, the metal table did bring back memories. It was cold, for whatever reason, and slippery. When I tried to stand up it was difficult, so I just sat down and waited. Em and Jay and the veterinarian talked for a while – mostly about me and about the farm where I came from. They were saying some pretty nice things – I was actually getting pretty embarrassed! Then they started talking about “shops” or “shocks” or something like that and a moment later Em said “Well, I don’t want to see this,” and he left the room – ostensibly to go pee. Jay stuck around, muttered the word “wussy” with some disdain, and held me nicely while the doctor man played with some stuff or other on the counter, away from the metal table. Then a moment later the doctor came over with that stuff, turned me around, said “ok young man, brace yourself” and I felt a moderately sharp prick in the back of my neck, just where my shoulder blades come together. Then a couple of minutes later I felt another one with even less ceremony, and then Em came back in the room.


It wasn’t bad. I noticed it, but I didn’t whimper at all. Jay hugged me and told me how brave I was. I was over it in a heart beat and later in the day rather than feeling groggy as they said I might I found myself in a particularly playful mood.

The day stayed hot, but later in the evening when I was going for a walk I was given a lot more freedom to sniff and snort with the other puppies. That was fun, and I’m looking forward to a whole bunch more of it.



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