This was a special day. We all got into Jay’s big car – name of Babs, if you please – and took a drive to a small town in southern Alberta called Granum. This was for another car show, but this time we weren’t just walking through, we were actually entering Babs as one of the participants.


Babs is what Jay calls a – let’s see if I can get this right – “1967 Buick Electra 225, 4 door hardtop”. She’s very nice, and very kind too. The way she took the bumps today on the trip to Granum was really impressive. Sidney said she’s always nice, but he said she was working extra hard today because she knew it was my first trip of any distance. I think she’s great.

The show itself was very nice, and boy I sure have a lot of friends – I had no idea I had so many! Everywhere I went, and sometimes even when I didn’t go anywhere, I was being hugged and petted, and stroked. It’s actually a little embarrassing – poor ol’ Jay looked sometimes as though he were getting stressed over it. To one lady he said, on hearing how cute I was, “do you realize that this time last year it was me getting all these kind greetings from all the pretty ladies?”

I got a lot of fresh air today and just at the moment I am completely bushed. It was a great day for me, and I think the guys enjoyed it too. Apparently there’s another show coming soon – I can hardly wait!



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