Nope, no accidents yesterday – not a single one! Em and Jay seem to be doing a better job of listening to me, and of reading my tells and understanding when I need to go, and they’re getting me to a place – outside – where it is allowed, where I can get the job done. Heck, it’s not just allowed out there, but gloried in! The hugs that follow? Oh, man! I like it. Of course, the pen (which I refer to as my den) helps with this since it means that Em and Jay don’t have to watch me constantly, and frankly that helps me because there really is nothing quite as disconcerting as being watched while you’re trying to figure out where and how to poop.

Since I do have the den now I took the opportunity to sit outside, and to look around the world beyond the wire, and contemplate a few things. Like those big fluffy things way up high there – those big white ‘clouds’ I think they’re called. They’re pretty, though they’re not so nice when they turn grey and even black, which we saw two nights ago. But even nicer is when it’s all blue up there with no clouds at all, and the Sun shines down, warming my coat as the breeze blows through. It’s actually very comfortable to just sit there and watch things go on around me: like the pedestrians on the sidewalk through the fence; like the trees swaying slowly in the wind; like little leaves flying by, little ants scurrying around just inches from my nose (no flavour to them, really); and all the birds – large and small – flying overhead, looking down at me, wondering…

I like the little birds – they’re funny. They come and sit in the bird bath a little way away and they look at me strangely, or suspiciously, as they get in the water and wiggle their little bums about – like they’re dancing to music only they can hear. The big birds are a different proposition, though. The big black birds – I think Jay called them ‘crows’ – and big blue and white Magpies fly over quite often, and they look at me very strangely – as if they’re planning a meal or something. I watch them pretty closely, I can tell you. I really don’t trust them. But then when Jay or Em come out of the house and putter around in the yard I feel better again, safer. I am comfortable with Jay and Em – even though we’ve clashed a little in the last week on a couple of subjects, I know they love me, and I love them because of it.

Jay forgot to take my harness off last night when I went to bed, but you know what? I didn’t even notice. It feels quite comfortable now, and from what I understand it’s a lot better than the collar they tried on me to begin with. Not only is it better for walkies, but I am apparently less likely to get myself trapped on something so that it cuts off my air supply and causes me a very inconvenient day indeed.

Jay told me yesterday about this thing called Twitter – where all we verbose types can express our random thoughts and submit them to the world. Well, I decided to set up an account for myself, and I’ve added a thing to this page (right side) where you can see my most recent feeds, and even follow me if you like. You don’t have to – frankly, if you’re following my blog thingy you’ll get the tweets anyway – but you can if you want.

It’s raining today, so I don’t know how much exercise I’ll get except some running with Jay later on in the kitchen. I don’t know what all the fuss is, but Jay said something about ‘wet dog smell’ and he’s reluctant to let me play in the rain. Oh well, maybe later.

For now, another nap. All this free association really takes it out of me.



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