They tell me it is now three days since I arrived. I’m not exactly sure what a day is, but it’s nice here. The only issue seems to be around my poops and peeps, and I’m really working hard to understand what they want from me in that regard. I mean, inside or out, on the paper or off… this, if you’ll forgive the expression, is a complicated business.

I’m also working on night sleeps, I play and sleep through the day, of course, as anyone in my position would – it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. But sleeping at night seems to be more difficult. They put me in my nice kennel, and I don’t mind that, but then about halfway through the night I seem to wake up and I’m ready to play but there’s no one to play with! This makes me cry, then J wakes up and reaches out and I guess that makes me feel a little better for a minute or two. It doesn’t take very much.

I also spend half the night thinking of my brothers and sisters, and of my Dad, who was really nice even though he didn’t really understand us. Sometimes I miss them all so much I want to cry. Then I think how lucky I am to be snuggled in J’s arms, or hunkered down in M’s lap, and I feel better and I’m okay again. I think, no matter how bad we feel at various times, we all really need to count our blessings.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my siblings the day before I left the farm.



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